The Program in Chemistry is engaged in research in a variety of fields and continues to lead world-class advancements in structural and solid-state chemistry, analytical chemistry, photochemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, chemical biology, protein biochemistry, supramolecular systems, marine biogeochemistry, advanced materials, computational chemistry, nuclear magnetic resonance and crystallography. The quality and breadth of research is evident in the individual faculty labs and interdisciplinary research centers of excellence.

Our research programs can be loosely grouped into four categories: computational chemistry, drug discovery, environmental science, and materials science.

  • Chemical biology is an interdisciplinary scientific field that seeks to understand the complex processes within living systems by using chemical tools and techniques to manipulate and study biological systems at the molecular level. Our researchers design and synthesize molecules that interact with biological molecules, such as proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids, to uncover their functions, mechanisms, and to identify novel therapeutic targets for drug discovery.

    Principal Investigators

    Alan Healy

    Research Areas:
    Chemical biology, natural product synthesis, automated synthesis, drug discovery

    Tynchtyk Amatov

    Research Areas:
    Catalysis, natural product synthesis, medicinal chemistry, nucleic acids chemistry