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A significant feature of Tarek Al-Ghoussein's work over the years has been the merger of landscapes, self-portraiture, and interaction with the spaces he photographs.

Personal History in Image and Artifact

Tarek Al-Ghoussein's latest creative work, a mixed-media presentation called K Files, is the autobiographical product of his unusual personal history: a Kuwaiti of Palestinian origin, he grew up largely in New York, Washington, DC, and Tokyo, and studied at NYU New York and in New Mexico.  

In the News

How UAE-based artist Stephanie Neville uses textile art to process loneliness
Holding a portrait of her husband drawn on a white linen cloth, Stephanie Neville sews long stitches across a part of his face, leaving it incomplete with loose thread hanging out.
Arab News | January 21, 2021

Covid-19: how a team from NYU Abu Dhabi created a hands-free device to open doors
Created to help stem the spread of the coronavirus, the device allows people to use their feet.
The National | May 23, 2021


UAE Artists Explore Evolution Of The Country's Cultural Eco-System
Abu Dhabi, has hosted its latest CulturAll Conversations virtual event, in which a panel of leading Emirati and UAE-based artists engaged in a thought-provoking debate on the country’s cultural scene.
Middle East Events | June 13, 2020

Photography: Tarek Al Ghoussein's Al Sawaber at The Third Line, Dubai
The Kuwaiti-Palestinian artist's latest exhibition examines the traces of lives left behind in the doomed Al Sawaber housing estate.
The National | November 29, 2017