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Resident Expert: Social Activism in Mauritania

Erin Pettigrew, Assistant Professor of History and Arab Crossroads Studies discusses her current research in Mauritania — women's leadership roles the Kadehiin movement during the Cold War.

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Erin Pettigrew, "Invoking the Invisible in the Sahara: Islam, Spiritual Mediation, and Social Change" (Cambridge UP, 2022)
Erin Pettigrew utilizes invisible forces and entities - esoteric knowledge and spirits - to show how these forms of knowledge and unseen forces have shaped social structures, religious norms, and political power in the Saharan West.
Player FM | July 23, 2023

‘We Are Not Yet Free’: Living in Slavery’s Shadow in Mauritania
The rising prominence of voices like Dah Abeid’s is helping to chip away at any lingering slavery-related stigma the Haratine might feel, says Erin Pettigrew, a professor of history at New York University in Abu Dhabi who has studied social activism in Mauritania.
International Reporting Project | November 07, 2017

Talking Policy: Erin Pettigrew on Modern Slavery
World Policy Journal spoke with Erin Pettigrew, professor of history and Arab crossroads studies at NYU Abu Dhabi, about the unique nature and evolution of slavery in Mauritania, and the future of the modern abolition movement.
World Policy Journal | August 18, 2017

Les suceurs de sang du Sahara
An interview on the Africa4 blog for French newspaper Libération with Vincent Hiribarren in French and English.
Libération | August 9, 2017