Shattering the self
Ella Rhodes on the contradictory nature of the self.
The Psychologist | August 2019

Virtual lives: Could VR change how we think of others?
Researchers are studying whether “embodiment” - where you can see and control a virtual reality body - has effects in the real world.
BBC | October 11. 2018

Are We Already Living in Virtual Reality?
A new technology—virtual embodiment—challenges our understanding of who and what we are.
The New Yorker | March 26, 2018

This Is Your Avatar Speaking
Mel Slater and Domna Banakou are attempting to push the concept a step further, beyond the sense of body ownership and into the realm of agency. They wanted to know whether a subject who believed that a virtual body was hers would believe the same of any words that the avatar spoke.
The New Yorker | February 20, 2015