Awards, Grants, and Patents

  • 2021. Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation for Policy Research, Faculty Grant for project “Exploring the musical traditions of the Shihuh.” PI: Carlos Guedes Funding: 35,000 AED.

  • 2019.Research Enhancement Fund research grant from New York University Abu Dhabi for “Computationally-engaged approaches to rhythm and musical heritage: Establishing cross- cultural relationships using data-driven approaches.” PI: Carlos Guedes. Co-Investigators: Andrew Eisenberg, Beth Russell, Yi Fang, Brian McFee (NYUNY), Robert Rowe (NYUNY). $249,634.00.

  • 2019. Research Enhancement Fund pathway grant for “The Swahili Musical Imagination: Intercultural Style and Aesthetics in the Compositions of Ally Salim Basalama." (PI: Andrew Eisenberg. Co-Investigators: Clarissa Viercke (U of Bayreuth), Carlos Guedes, Robert Rowe (NYUNY). $21,883.60.

  • 2018. Research Center Planning grant from New York University Abu Dhabi for “The planning of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research of Music and Sound Cultures (MaSC).” (co-PIs: Andrew Eisenberg, Beth Russell, Godfried Toussaint, Juan Bello, and Robert Rowe). $28.600.

  • 2018. Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC 2018). Best paper award for Guedes, C., Trochidis, K., & Anantapadmanabhan, A. (2018) Modeling Carnatic Rhythm Generation: A Data-Driven approach based on Rhythmic Analysis.