Student Highlights

Eduarda dos Santos Brandão, Class of 2026

“Hi, everyone, I'm Eduarda, a rising sophomore at NYUAD from Brazil. I speak Portuguese, English, and Spanish, and I'm passionate about learning more about Hispanic culture and connecting with my Hispanic friends. Our supportive professor encourages us to explore the language and culture in various ways outside the classroom. I plan to take the intermediate level of Spanish next semester, as it's not only a valuable skill but also a way to connect with people from diverse backgrounds.”

Victoria Wang, Class of 2026

"Hi, I’m Victoria Wang, a rising sophomore. I am from China. I studied Spanish for two years in high school and one semester in the university. I’m interested in learning this language because I think it sounds beautiful and I can get to know Hispanic culture. Learning a new language is also very useful and cool. By the way, I think all of my Spanish teachers are nice and interesting! They make me have a great Spanish learning experience!"

Leen Kharouf, Class of 2026

"Hi, I’m Leen, a rising Junior here at NYUAD. Before taking Elementary Spanish 2 in my sophomore spring, I had studied Spanish for a few years in high school and gathered a lot of random vocabulary — I could write a paragraph about the global issues of poverty and homelessness but I could barely hold a basic conversation. Taking Spanish at uni was very different; the interactive nature of the class meant we couldn’t hide in the corner and were always engaging in convos and answering questions. I had weekly meetings with my tutor, Andrés (he’s the best), where I got to practice even more and ironed out the fuzzy concepts. Andrés has been extremely patient, to say the least. Although I postponed one of my engineering requirements to take this class, it is easily one of the best choices I made since coming to uni. Writing this from Madrid, I just wanna say that Spanish people speak fast, really fast. But it is so awesome to be able to communicate and put into use everything I’ve learned — who would have thought I’d actually need to know how to negotiate at a shop or buy garlic in a supermarket... I genuinely loved every part of class, it’s been really great."

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