• Rosemary Byrne, Professor of Legal Studies Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
    Email: Rosemary.Byrne@nyu.edu
    Education: BA Barnard College, Columbia University; JD Harvard Law School

    Research Interests: Public international law; International and EU human rights law; International refugee and EU asylum...

  • John Coughlin, Program Head, Legal Studies; Global Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies and Law Affiliation: NYU New York
    Email: jjc17@nyu.edu
    Education: BA Niagara University; MA Columbia University; ThM Princeton Seminary; JD Harvard University Law Sch...

    Research Interests: comparative religion, theology, canon law, sharia law, Talmudic law, Hindu law, comparative law, jur...

  • Peter Goodrich, Visiting Professor of Law Affiliation: Visiting
    Email: pg62@nyu.edu
    Education: LLB, University of Sheffield; PhD University of Edinburgh

    Research Interests: Legal history and theory; Law and literature

  • Barry Hashimoto, Visiting Lecturer of Political Science Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
    Email: barry.hashimoto@nyu.edu
    Education: BA Dartmouth College; MA Emory University; PhD Emory University

    Research Interests: International law and courts; Human rights; Political economy

  • Susan K Nash, Visiting Lecturer of Legal Writing Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
    Email: skn322@nyu.edu
    Education: BA University of Southern California; MA & JD The George Washington University; LLM Queen Mary Unive...

    Research Interests: International legal ethics, particularly in the arena of arbitration

Affiliated Faculty

Faculty Title Program
Nora Barakat Assistant Professor of History, Arab Crossroads Studies
Richard M. Hendler, Esq. Clinical Professor of Law in Business NYU Stern
John Sexton President Emeritus of the University