• Fiona Kidd, Co-Program Head, Art and Art History; Associate Professor of History and Art and Art History; Global Network Associate Professor in the Study of the Ancient World Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
    Email: fjk3@nyu.edu
    Education: BA (Hons) University of Melbourne; PhD University of Sydney

    Research Interests: identity, images and the built environment, craft production, pre-Islamic Central Asian visual art

  • William Zimmerle, Senior Lecturer, Arts and Humanities; Affiliated Faculty Member of the Arab Crossroads Studies Program and History Program Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
    Email: wgz1@nyu.edu
    Education: PhD University of Pennsylvania; MDiv Harvard University Divinity School; BA Fairleigh Dickinson Univ...

    Research Interests: Arabian Aromatics; Ancient World; Heritage Law and Policy; Near Eastern and Arabian Archaeology; Ass...