NYU Abu Dhabi is committed to building and strengthening a university-wide culture of sustainability.

We all must do our part to combat the effects of climate change, and it is a goal of my administration to strengthen our institutional efforts by better connecting the extraordinary sustainability work already being pursued by so many of you across our campus. Antonios will help us embed environmental practices and policies into the fabric of our community, and set out a robust action plan to further our commitment and contributions to a more sustainable world.

Mariët Westermann, Vice Chancellor

Through research and outreach, NYU Abu Dhabi is a thought leader in sustainability advocating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Inspired by Sheikh Zayed’s vision and legacy, we seek to have graduates across all divisions understand issues surrounding sustainability and how their work can contribute to a more sustainable world.

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Under the leadership of the Office of Sustainability and Stewardship, students, faculty and staff work closely to transform NYUAD into one of the region’s leading campuses in sustainability. Through strategies that span every area of university life, we aim to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, support teaching and research, and provide resources and guidance in establishing a culture of sustainability at NYU Abu Dhabi.

450,000 m2

 the entire campus is Estidama 2 Pearl rated


diversion of landfill-bound waste

11 acres

of green space in Saadiyat island


Green Events Standard

Research Spotlight

Masks in Creation

New technology could help provide a more sustainable and comfortable solution to our mask-wearing lives.

Troubled Waters

Rapid human-caused change to the environment is jeopardizing the survival of one of our planet's keystone species.

Saving an Earth in Crisis

2019 saw the hottest month on record, the world mourned the loss of its first glacier, and the Amazon was on fire.