Procurement at NYU Abu Dhabi

Non-salary expenditure, or the procurement of goods and services accounts for a significant portion of NYUAD’s total budget. This is a significant resource which requires application of best management practices. Furthermore, in the current challenging economic environment, it is more important than ever that NYUAD demonstrates that the University is obtaining best Value for Money (VFM) by developing efficient and effective procurement strategies. NYUAD is committed to achieve the maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and value for money in the acquisition of goods, services, and consultancies for all non-salary spend within the University.

This will be achieved through:

  • compliance with legislative requirements;
  • the use of modern and robust procurement "best practice;"
  • the use of rigorous quality and operational standards;
  • the use of eProcurement technology to drive additional efficiencies;
  • open and fair treatment of vendors; and
  • close consultation and communications with our internal stakeholders.

NYUAD commitment extends to conducting our business:

  • to meet our strategic procurement objectives;
  • to meet our wider corporate social responsibility objectives through procurement in an open and transparent way;
  • by efficiently managing or allocating risk;
  • by ensuring safeguards are in-built against allegations of corruption or bias;
  • by maintaining a proper audit trail to support our actions;
  • by providing documentary evidence for management purposes; and
  • by demonstrating VFM.