Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Community Programs

The Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Community Programs consist of the Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholars Program and the NYU Abu Dhabi Summer Academy. Both were envisioned by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed as a means of providing participants with courses and programming to develop and strengthen their intellectual and leadership potential while introducing them to the NYUAD campus and its extensive resources.

The Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholars Program offers an elite cohort of university students unique access to specially designed courses, lectures, leadership experiences, cross-cultural exposure, networking, and graduate school advising. Each year a new Scholar cohort is competitively chosen from among the most exceptional students at the four national UAE universities. They pursue these classes and activities at NYUAD in addition to their academic programs and responsibilities at their home universities. 

The NYU Abu Dhabi Summer Academy is an 18-month college preparatory program designed to enhance the academic profiles of highly motivated Emirati high school students from throughout the country. Students who succeed after a multi-phased selection process win the Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholarships for Outstanding High School Students, entitling them to enroll in the Academy. Through courses, co-curricular activities, and counseling, the Summer Academy helps ready them for the rigors of college academics and assists them in the application process with the aim of their gaining admission to the world's leading universities.

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