Academic Administration and Planning

As Assistant Provost for Academic Administration and Planning, Susan supports the academic strategy by providing administrative leadership in collaboration with respective stakeholders across the university, ensure alignment of the strategic priorities and goals with the NYUAD Provost Office’s administrative plans and operations, and facilitate the annual academic and administrative plan within the Office of the Provost in support of the academic strategy.

She ensures the integration of the strategic priorities and goals through a systematic, data-driven approach in the Provost Office’s administrative processes.

Susan also oversees the Office of Academic Appointments in its mission to support the NYUAD Provost and Deans to attract and retain exceptional scholars from around the world.

Susan Wei
Assistant Provost for Academic Administration and Planning

Susan Wei is the Assistant Provost for Academic Administration and Planning. Susan joined NYUAD in August of 2014 and has over a decade of experience in human resources in the UAE. Prior to joining NYUAD, Wei was head of HR at the University of Wollongong in Dubai for four years.

Susan's experience as an HR consultant involved working with various industries including, but not limited to, academic institutions, healthcare, security, pharmaceutical, and aviation, including multiple start-up organizations. She also has experience in working with institutions to support accreditation, in both programming and licensing. Since the beginning of her career, she has had a broad generalist experience in HR and latterly, has ten years of experience working with academic appointments.

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