The Office of Community and Education Engagement at NYU Abu Dhabi develops projects and special programs that serve to strengthen NYUAD's ties with the Abu Dhabi community.

  • Community to Community programs
  • Partnerships with local organizations
  • Campus visits
  • Celebration and appreciation events

Partnerships with Local Organizations

Roadmap Engagement Design (RED)

The Roadmap project uses unique tools and processes to identify, visualize, develop, and implement areas of collaboration between NYUAD and a host of external community partners. These mutually beneficial programs and projects are generated to meet a specific organizational, institutional, or social goal.

Community to Community Programs

Community to Community (C2C) programs focus on bringing together various stakeholders for meaningful engagements with NYUAD.

Speaker Series

Community to Community (C2C) Speaker Series brings experts from various sectors to NYUAD and promotes meaningful dialogues with students, faculty and staff. One of the initiatives under C2C is the Diplomacy in Action program series, created in partnership with NYUAD’s Student Life department. This forum hosts both individuals who live in, or are travelling through the UAE. The format generally asks the speaker to share their expertise and experiences with the NYUAD Community, followed by a Q&A session. Since the program’s inception, we have hosted 15 speakers and approximately 600 students.

Student Embassy Ambassadors

The Student Embassy Ambassador Program develops a new channel of communication between the current Diplomatic Corps in the United Arab Emirates and one of NYU Abu Dhabi’s most special assets, its students. Taking the opportunity to connect the diverse demographics of our student body; essentially building bridges between Embassies in the UAE and its nationals at NYUAD to enable, create and enrich the relationships, and cultivation therein.

Mindcrafting with Minecraft

Mindcrafting with Minecraft is an initiative that brings together students and faculty from schools and universities to learn using digital tools.

Each event focuses on a topic that can be visually conceptualized using the program Minecraft. In Minecraft you can create interactive 3D worlds that contain almost any landscape, building, or object you can imagine.

Campus Visits

Join us in the Co Lab

Co Lab has a creative and informal energy that inspires relevant conversations and community exchanges for our external and internal partners. The formal and informal platforms productively promote learning, cohesive planning and engagement. The design allows for high functioning group and individual work spaces.

Open House
Every second Sunday of the month
10am to 5pm

Silver Torch

The Silver Torch Program is a series of community events hosted for a select audience designed to introduce our external community partners to NYUAD programming and personalities. Silver Torch events include the Silver Torch Diplomacy Community Day with Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan and Dr. Adnan Pachachi and an annual breakfast commencement reception.