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New York University has established itself as a Global Network University, a multisite, organically connected network encompassing key global cities and idea capitals. The network has three foundational degree-granting campuses: New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai, complemented by a network of 11 research and study-away sites across five continents. Faculty and students will circulate within the network in pursuit of common research interests and cross-cultural, interdisciplinary endeavors, both local and global.

Entering its eighth year, NYU Abu Dhabi has recruited a cohort of faculty who are at once distinguished in their research and teaching. Our students are drawn from around the world and surpass all traditional recruitment benchmarks, both US and global. NYU Abu Dhabi’s highly selective liberal arts enterprise is complemented by an institute for advanced research, sponsoring cutting-edge projects across the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, and Engineering.

Open Faculty Positions

Electrical and Computer Engineering ProfessorApplynyuad.engineering@nyu.edu
Economics ProfessorApplynyuad.socialscience@nyu.edu
Mechanical Engineering ProfessorApplynyuad.engineering@nyu.edu
Psychology ProfessorApplynyuad.science@nyu.edu
Political Science ProfessorApplynyuad.socialscience@nyu.edu
Political Theory ProfessorApplynyuad.socialscience@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral & Research Positions  
Computational Linguistics ResearcherApplynyuad.arabic@nyu.edu
Center for Cyber Security Abu Dhabi - Cryptology Research Postdoctoral PositionApplyHoda.alkhzaimi@nyu.edu
Post-Doctoral Associate/Research Scientist in Traffic Flow TheoryApply
Postdoctoral Researcher - Andrea V. Macciò Research GroupApplymaccio@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher - Astroparticle Physics - Dr. Ian Dobbs-DixonApplyidd1@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher - Astrophysics: Accretion and JetsApplydave.russell@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher - Center for Cyber Security Abu Dhabi (CCS-NYUAD)
Postdoctoral Associate - Chemistry and Materials ScienceApplypn21@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher - Cyber/Wireless Security - Dr. Christina PöpperApplychristina.poepper@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher - Cyberphysical SystemsApplynf47@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher in Electrophysiology - Dr. Timothy Dore's Research GroupApplytimothy.dore@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher - Division of EngineeringApplyel1208@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher - Dr. George Shubeita Research GroupApplygeorge.shubeita@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher - Dr. Francesco Paparella Research GroupApplyfrancesco.paparella@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher - Lagrangian Numerical Methods - Dr. Francesco Paparella Research GroupApplyfrancesco.paparella@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher - Marine Microbial BiologyApplysa132@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher - Dr. Mazin Magzoub Research GroupApplymazin.magzoub@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Associate in Nonlinear Dynamics - Dr. Mohammed Daqaq Research GroupApplymohammed.daqaq@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher - Ocean Biogeochemical ModelingApplykss3@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Associate - Oil and Petroleum ResearchApplypn21@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher in Photonics - Dr. Mahmoud Rasras Research GroupApplymrasras@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher - Social PsychologyApplyjocelyn.belanger@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher - Social ScienceApplynyuad.socialscience@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher - Social Science Experimental LaboratoryApplyssel@nyu.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher in Topology and Geometry - Dr. Hisham Sati's Research GroupApplyhsati@nyu.edu
Research EngineerApplyel1208@nyu.edu
Research Scientist/Postdoctoral Researcher in BiostatisticsApplyraghib.ali@nyu.edu
Research Scientist/Postdoctoral Researcher - Dr. Serdal Kirmizialtin's Research GroupApplyserdal@nyu.edu
Center for Global Sea Level Change (CSLC): Research Scientist/Postdoctoral Researcher
Research Assistantship Positions at the Design Technology Lab (DTL)Applynyuad.dtl@gmail.com
Research Assistants and Engineers - Center for Cyber Security Abu Dhabi (CCS-NYUAD)
Research Assistantship Position - Design Technology Lab (DTL)Applynyuad.dtl@gmail.com
Scientific Programmer - Ocean ModelingApplyzl28@nyu.edu


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