UAE 51st National Day

Contributing to the UAE

NYU Abu Dhabi celebrates the Nation’s independence by our commitment to better understanding local and regional issues through research and community engagements. From local faculty sharing their expertise, to research that seeks solutions, we continue to build upon the legacy of the UAE.

Launching the First Ever Mars Atlas in Arabic

The atlas will provide invaluable accessible data to Arab speakers across the UAE and the world while contributing to a crucial understanding of the planet’s atmospheric conditions.

A Glimpse of Everyday Emirati Culture

"Yalla Narmis: The Top 2,000+ Words and Expressions for Understanding Emirati Dialect" aims to give language learners a natural feel for spoken Emirati Arabic

NYUAD Explains UAE Arabic Slang

Ever wonder why so many Arabic words sound familiar?

Featured Emirati Faculty

Bringing their expertise to the university, our faculty brings with them a wealth of experience to prepare students for a fast changing global landscape.

Khulood Alawadi, Lecturer of Engineering Design

Alawadi embraces the idea that design engineering should be viewed as a bricolage, of which, like herself, her students should feel the freedom and curiosity to explore first, and then define second.

Jinan Bastaki, Visiting Professor of Legal Studies

Bastaki is an international law scholar who focuses on human rights, refugee law, and citizenship. She is interested in the lived experiences of those impacted by the law, how the law regulates access and belonging, and what those experiences reveal about the law itself.

Empowering and Engaging the Local Community

From cultivating inclusive leadership programs to supporting the nature-rich biodiversity of the UAE, NYUAD believes in giving back to the wider community through civic engagement and service.

Youth Leadership Network

The Youth Leadership Network are leadership development programs for high school students in Abu Dhabi. This year's program will specifically focus on leadership and cultural preservation.

Slavica Ceperkovic, Visiting Professor

Slavica Ceperkovic is a visiting professor of Interactive Media. She holds a BFA in New Media Studies from Toronto Metropolitan University, Diplôme in Contemporary Art from Le Fresnoy Studio National Des Arts Contemporains, MDes in Strategic Foresight and Innovation from OCAD University, and a PhD in Cinema and Media Studies from York University.

A Book of Belonging

NYU Abu Dhabi senior Maryam Alshehhi published her Arabic children’s book that addresses questions of belonging and identity.

Bilal Orfali, Visiting Professor

Bilal Orfali is Sheikh Zayed Chair for Arabic and Islamic Studies at the American University of Beirut and a Visiting Professor at New York University Abu Dhabi.

Laila Soliman, Visiting Associate Arts Professor of Theater, Artist in Residence

Laila Solimna's work stems from an interest in the state of flux in the contemporary socio-political climate and its influence on individuals, relationships, and power structures. It relies on collective memories and personal histories as ways of bridging the gap between the official versions of events and intimate, individual experiences.

Looking at the Past

While the nation advances forward, we also celebrate its history and heritage.

Photos Courtesy of Akkasah Center for Photography.

Did You Know?

The rapid pace of development in the United Arab Emirates over the past few decades is sometimes difficult to comprehend. Over the last 50 years, the country has gone through a stunning transformation that sees it at the forefront of energy, sustainbility innovation, education development, and a leader in almost every field.