Muhammad Abrar Akram

Postdoctoral Associate Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: PhD Kangwon National University, South Korea

Research Areas: CMOS Analog/Mixed-Signals IC Design; Sensors Interfacing IC's

Muhammad Abrar is an expert integrated circuit (IC) designer. His research interests include the design of analog/mixed-signal CMOS ICs for fine-grained power delivery and management in SoCs and mm-scaled implantable devices.

Abrar is currently developing a fully integrated wirelessly powered mm-scaled blood-glucose sensor.

Current Research

Miniaturized Implantable Glucose Sensor We (at IBEL) have been developing everything-on-chip implantable CGM systems, integrating all functionality on a single CMOS die, and requiring no external components at all. For a complete system implementation, we are planning to develop a watch-based interrogator to power and communicate sensors implanted beneath the skin under the watch. As an everyday wearable device, the watch would be one of the best body-sensor-network hubs not only for such CGM microsystems, but also for other wearable health-monitoring sensors. We anticipate that the maturing of such technology will have vast societal consequences on industrial and entrepreneurial development in this area, disrupting the diabetes health-care industry and having a substantial impact on many peoples’ lives afflicted by diabetes.