Awards, Grants, and Patents

  • Doctoral Scholarship (Colciencias) 2017
    It supports Colombian scholars to develop their doctoral studies.
  • Travel Grant (International Economic History Association) 2015
    It supports young scholars to participate in the World Economic History Congress.
  • Manuel Ramírez Gómez (Econometría Consultores) 2014 It recognizes the best PhD student in Economics in Colombia.
  • First-year doctoral scholarship (Universidad de los Andes) 2013
    It recognizes the best-admitted students to the Ph.D. program in Economics.
  • Honor at Premios Portafolio (Casa Editorial El Tiempo) 2012
    It recognizes the best five graduates in economics, business and industrial engineering of the year in Colombia.
  • Honor at Concurso Caminos de la Libertad para Jóvenes (Grupo Salinas) 2012
    It awards essays on freedom issues with the highest quality made by young people of Latin America.
  • Graduated with the best grades in Economics (Universidad de Antioquia) 2012
    This honor is conferred to the student with the highest grades during the whole career.
  • Best Thesis on Economics (Universidad de Antioquia) 2012
    This honor is conferred to the best thesis on economics, management, and accounting of the year at Universidad de Antioquia.
  • Research Award 2011 (Alcaldía de Medellín) 2011
    An award from the Medellín local government that recognizes the most important research contribution of an undergraduate student during the year.
  • Matrícula de Honor (Universidad de Antioquia) 2009-2010 A prize for the student with the highest grade in his academic program.
  • First place at VII Foro de Estudiantes de Economía, Finanzas y Comercio Internacional (Universidad del Rosario) 2009
    It distinguishes the best student paper of the year in economics, finance and international trade in Colombia.
  • Jesús Antonio Bejarano Award (Banco de la República de Colombia) 2008
    It recognizes of one of the best four student papers on economics of the year in Colombia.
  • Julián Andrés Hurtado Scholarship (Gobernación del Valle) 2007-2012
    The regional government provides this scholarship to the best high school last year students of the Valle del Cauca, for covering their undergraduate studies.
  • Ruta Quetzal Scholarship (BBVA Bank) 2007
    It distinguishes young leaders of the whole world with an academic journey. The Royal Spanish Family supports it and the UNESCO has declared it of universal interest.
  • Academic Excellence (Colegio Nacional Académico) 2007
    This is the greatest honor conceded by Colegio Nacional Académico to one of its students. It has only been awarded a couple of times since its foundation in 1839.