Javier Mejia Cubillos

Postdoctoral Associate Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BA University of Antioquia; MA Los Andes University; PhD Los Andes University

Research Areas: Economic History; Social Networks; Economic Growth; Political Economy

Javier Mejia is a Postdoctoral Associate at the Social Science division at New York University Abu Dhabi. He received his PhD in Economics from Los Andes University. He has been a Visiting Scholar at the University of Bordeaux and a Visiting Student Researcher at Stanford University. His work focuses on the intersection between social networks and economic history.

His geographical areas of specialty are Latin America and the Middle East.

Javier Mejia is Secretary of the Colombian Economic History Association.


  • Social Mobility in an Industrializing Economy — joint with Camilo Garcia-Jimeno (University of Pennsylvania) and James Robinson (University of Chicago)
  • Social Interactions and Contract Enforcement in the Moroccan Industry, 1956-1982 — joint with Romain Ferrali (New York University Abu Dhabi)
  • Committing not to Build a State — joint with Leopoldo Fergusson (Los Andes University) and James Robinson (University of Chicago)
  • Social Networks and Long-Term Individual Performance — joint with Tom Zohar (Stanford University)
  • Long-term Effects of Civil War — joint with Mario Chacón (New York University Abu Dhabi) 
  • Tie Strength and Job-Search — joint with Thibaud Deguilhem (University of Bordeaux), Eric Quintane (Los Andes University), and Santiago Gómez (Los Andes University)
  • A Network Formation Theory of Social Capital — joint with Tomas Rodriguez (Los Andes University)
  • Long-Term Regional Disparities in Colombia — joint with Arlen Guarin (University of California, Berkeley)