How bilinguals juggle language

New Research Shows How We Turn On and Off Languages

This research was supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute, as well as a La Caixa Foundation fellowship for Post-Graduate Studies.

NYUAD Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Department of Health – Abu Dhabi

Landmark Agreement

NYUAD has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Health — Abu Dhabi to better understand the causes of chronic diseases among Emiratis, including diabetes and heart disease.

New Climate Model Captures Key Features of Central Pacific El Nino

Climate Modeling

Scientists have developed a sophisticated new theoretical model that may lead to timelier, accurate forecasts of the central Pacific El Niño, an important weather-maker.

Smoking Shisha at Home Puts Non-Smokers at Risk, Researchers Warn

Shisha Danger

A study by the NYUAD Public Health Research Center shows secondhand smoke from shisha is worse than secondhand smoke from cigarettes.

NYUAD Researcher Stars in Arabic TV Series About Bedouin Life

Desert Poets

NYU Abu Dhabi Senior Humanities Fellow Marcel Kurpershoek traveled to the Arabian desert in the 1980s to record oral poetry and stories with the Bedouin people.

How bilinguals juggle language

How Bilinguals Juggle Language

For the first time, researchers have illustrated that switching languages when speaking and switching languages when listening engages different parts of the brain.

In the News

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This Glacier Just Spit Out An Iceberg the Size Of Lower Manhattan
The Helheim Glacier in Greenland just lost 10 billion tons of ice--and scientists captured it on camera.
National Geographic | July 11, 2018

NYUAD study into sign language and brain function 'shows how similar people are'
Studies involving New York University Abu Dhabi are helping to provide a detailed localisation for certain neural processes involved in language.
The National | May 27, 2018

Giant Waves Nearly Half a Million Miles Across Seen on the Sun for the First Time
Huge, slow-moving waves that drive Earth's weather and shape the swirls in Jupiter's atmosphere also exist on the sun, new research reveals. | May 21, 2018

Will rising waters leave Abu Dhabi under water? Scientists seek answers
Without models predicting how ice sheets interact with the ocean, one of the biggest questions on climate change remains unanswered.
The National | May 09, 2018

How NYUAD research hopes to predict crucial changes to India's monsoons
Rains are essential to agriculture - as is understanding how climate change may alter them.
The National | April 28, 2018

Planetary neighbors can influence habitability, for better or worse
Even after a planet has trapped sufficient amounts of liquid water to sustain life, giant neighbors can significantly alter the planet's habitability, according to a new study by New York University Abu Dhabi and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
Daily News | April 08, 2018

Arabic translation comes of age
The first volumes of the Library of Arabic Literature, an ambitious translation project of classical Arabic works into English, appeared five years ago, with several dozen now being available to international readers. But this is just the beginning, library editors Philip Kennedy, James Montgomery, Shawkat Toorawa and Chip Rossetti explain.
Al-Ahram Weekly | April 07, 2018

Climate model projects 45% fall in monsoon
Researchers from the Centre for Prototype Climate Modeling, New York University Abu Dhabi predict that there could be a 45% decrease in Indian summer monsoon in the late stages of 21st century.
The Times of India | March 01, 2018