Research Outreach

The Office of Research Outreach aims to articulate quality research at NYUAD, catalyze new activity, and connect NYUAD locally, regionally, and internationally. In addition, this office encourages and promotes research opportunities across interdisciplinary areas and helps build national capacity in research through Kawader, fosters collaborative relationships with external partners, and leads efforts to start grass-roots movements in STEAM areas through Research Public Engagement programs.

Kawader Program

Kawader is a unique, national capacity-building research program that allows outstanding graduates to gain experience in a cutting-edge academic research environment. This individually tailored, intensive program has two distinctive paths designed for graduates considering a graduate degree or a career in research.

Research Public Engagement

Research Public Engagement explores ways to communicate, influence, and engage the public in areas of research through programs, events, and initiatives. Learn more about the ways we connect with the broader community by taking a look at our public engagement programs.

Research Outreach Stories