Policy Influencers

NYUAD research is helping to influence policy and improve lives in many developing African nations.

Field Research in Congo

Peter van der Windt, assistant professor of political science, is leading a huge data collection project to help policy makers make more informed decisions about the impact of their programming.

Fieldwork is Essential

Melina Platas, assistant professor of political science, spends several months per year conducting research throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Fieldwork, she said, is essential to gain first-hand insights about unique social and political processes.

NYUAD is an Ideal Place for a Scholar Working in Africa

Jonathan Andrew Harris, assistant professor of political science, says “being in the field and understanding the day-to-day of my informants helps me build a more complete theoretical picture of governance problems in Kenya.”

Strategic Research For Global Challenges

Research That Could Save Lives — Peter van der Windt is examining the role of local institutions in decision-making in West Africa, where more than 11,000 people have died of Ebola disease since 2014.