Anilkumar Kumaran

Laboratory Technician Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: MSc Chemistry, MG University Kottayam, BEd-MG University Kottayam

Anilkumar is a Laboratory Technician of the Water Research Centre. He holds a Master of Science in Chemistry and BEd from M.G.University, Kerala, India. Prior to joining NYU, Anilkumar was a Senior Fluid Analyst at Core Laboratories International, Abu Dhabi. He has a total of 15 Years of analytical experience.

Current Research

His current responsibility is to operate and maintain various research equipment related to water desalination. He is responsible for running day-to-day experiments on the research equipment's and to assist other group members in their research projects. He is also responsible for all the maintenance and troubleshooting duties of all the research related euipments.