EWEC-NYUAD Water Ambassador Award

The EWEC-NYUAD Water Ambassador award will be granted to exceptional, UAE national, undergraduate students at NYUAD who have demonstrated significant achievements in their academic and extracurricular work. The awardee must demonstrate leadership potential and to contribute to EWEC’s commitment to providing access to safe water across the UAE.

The Role

During the one-year tenure, the EWEC-NYUAD Water Ambassador will represent EWEC and NYUAD in not only spreading awareness on an imminent global threat, but towards finding solutions to secure Earth’s most valuable resource. The Water Ambassador awardee will act as a spokesperson for water-related issues, raising awareness and driving community engagement. The Water Ambassador will be introduced to EWEC professionals as well as NYUAD WRC researchers, becoming familiar with the latest developments in desalination and water treatment research as well as sustainable water management where relevant to the region.

Through carefully thought out initiatives and a strong social media presence, the Water Ambassador will raise questions at relevant forums in the UAE and beyond. The award is aimed at equipping young leaders to address the challenges posed with respect to water and society.

How to Apply

Applicants are to submit a biography (no more than 100 words) and a 500-word motivation discussing your vision on spreading awareness on water-related issues as well as why you are the best candidate for this award.

All applications to be submitted to nyuad.wrc@nyu.edu by March 10, 2022.

Water is an invaluable resource, without which human livelihood and growth is impossible.

The interrelation of water with health, energy and food security among other issues makes water accessibility a complex problem.

Today, the world’s water resources are under immense stress due to factors such as climate change and population growth. Involvement of future leaders is an important step in the right direction.