Researchers Develop Materials For Oral Delivery of Insulin Medication

A revolutionary technology developed within the Trabolsi Research Group at NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) could dramatically improve the well-being of diabetic patients through a simple and straightforward way: an insulin oral delivery system that could replace traditional subcutaneous injections

Fighting Cancer Where it Starts

Farah Benyettou and Ali Trabolsi, collaborated to create a magnetic nanoparticle that can carry the chemotherapy drug Doxorubicin, which can be guided straight to tumor sites.

Clean Water Chemistry

NYU Abu Dhabi chemists have developed a new way to remove toxic contaminants from water, in just minutes.

Lab Wins Grant

The Trabolsi Research Group at NYU Abu Dhabi received a grant from the Al Jalila Foundation that will support research on a system that may improve the effectiveness of a commonly used anti-cancer drug.

In the News

Will Insulin in a Pill Soon Become a Reality?
Since insulin was first discovered and isolated for therapeutic use nearly 100 years ago, most everyone with insulin-dependent diabetes has had to rely on exogenous insulin, given in the form of injections, whether via an insulin pump or multiple daily shots every single day of their lives.
Diabetes Daily | May 03, 2021

NYU Abu Dhabi Develops Oral Delivery Of Insulin
The Trabolsi Research Group at NYU Abu Dhabi has developed a method to deliver insulin orally in order to replace injections that cause side effects.
Abu Dhabi World | April 08, 2021

UAE: Varsity develops oral insulin delivery system
Compared to two FDA-approved oral systems for insulin delivery, NYUAD’s version is biocompatible.
Khaleej Times | April 07, 2021

Abu Dhabi researchers develop new insulin treatment for diabetes patients
In tests, patients sugar levels returned to normal within two hours of taking the medicine.
The National | April 07, 2021

Abu Dhabi researchers develop oral insulin to manage diabetes
Researchers from Abu Dhabi developed an insulin oral delivery system that could revolutionize the medication of diabetic patients.
The Filipino Times | April 07, 2021

Experimental oral pills auto-release insulin when glucose levels are high
Daily injections of insulin are a hassle for the hundreds of millions of people with diabetes. An oral pill would be much easier to swallow (pun intended), and now researchers from New York University Abu Dhabi have developed a new method for packing insulin into capsules.
New Atlas | April 07, 2021

NYU Abu Dhabi Researchers Synthesize Gold Nanoparticles Capable Of Attacking Cancer Cells
Scienmag | April 8, 2020

Researchers discover new hybrid molecules that could act as anti-cancer agents
News Medical | May 23, 2019

Abu Dhabi research could help reduce side effects of cancer care
The National | May 22, 2019

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Researchers develop cost-effective solution to tackle oil spills
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