HUmans, MAchines, aNd Experimental Social Science (HUMANESS)

Workshop on the Behavioral Foundations of Human/Machine Interactions

September 19-20, 2020
NYU Abu Dhabi

A society in which humans and intelligent machines engage in many different types of exchanges necessitates both machines that understand humans when they engage in strategic interactions and humans who understand machines in similar situations. The proposed Center aims to bring together researchers in the area of Human Behavior (in particular behavioral and experimental economists) with those who concentrate on the design of intelligent machines (computer scientists and engineers) in order to study how such a society does and does not work effectively. However, we do not see the Center as limited to only these fields, but we also hope to bring in other scholars of human behavior into the enterprise as well, such as biologists, psychologists, sociologists, and political scientists. We believe that the creation of the new society of humans and intelligent machines requires an interdisciplinary approach and the development of new research areas that bridge the study of human behavior with the study of AI and machine development. The workshop will discuss how to create such a Center and the type of research questions that the Center might fruitfully address.



Rebecca Morton
Associate Dean of Social Science,
Director of Social Science Experimental Laboratory,
Global Network Professor of Politics, NYUNY, NYUAD

Borja Garcia de Soto
Assistant Prof of Engineering NYUAD, NYUNY