Dr. Sadler Edepli Attends the Zebrafish PI Meeting

In April, 2022 Dr. Sadler Edepli attended the Zebrafish PI Meeting in Dresden, Germany where she presented a poster on the work of Elena Magnani and capstone student, Ian McBain. She connected with collaborator Sumeet Singh and other friends and colleagues after a long 2 years of virtual meetings. 

Dr. Sadler Edepli Attends Octopus Epigenetics Seminar

In March 2022 Dr. Sadler Edepli presented the work of Filippo Macchi on octopus epigenetics in a seminar at The University of Vienna where she connected with Oleg Simakov.

Rory Visits the Fish Facility

Rory Francis from Danio Lab visits the Sadler Lab to perform annual maintenance in our Fish Facility. Upkeep with our water system helps Shashi Ranjan to continue his excellent work in caring for our zebrafish colonies. 

Nouf Khan Returns to the Sadler Lab

Nouf Khan NYUAD 2021 triumphantly returns to the Sadler Lab as a Research Technician. She plans to continue and expand her capstone work on activating transcription factor 6 (Atf6). We are overjoyed to welcome her back! 

Eleanor Jenkins Joins the Sadler Lab

Eleanor is a visiting student who just graduated from Penn State and will be attending medical school in the Fall of 2022. She is working both on developing an image analysis approach for biliary structures and on creating a 1 minute video describing the concept of an epigenetic code in the liver to submit to a competition at Nature. 

Nouf Khan Defends Her Capstone

Nouf joined the Sadler Lab lab during her sophomore year in 2018. She confidently defended her thesis, "Characterization of the Function of Atf6 in Zebrafish During Development and Stress Response" on December 7th, 2021. We are so proud and can't wait to see what's next for Nouf's promising future as a biologist. 

Finding the Right Research Environment

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Advances in Liver Disease Research

Kirsten Sadler Edepli, associate professor of biology, says NYU Abu Dhabi's "beautiful genomics center" is vital to the promising liver research projects she will be pursuing on campus.

Podcast: A chat with Kirsten Sadler

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