NYUAD Dokha Research

The Dokha Research at NYUAD serves as the focal point of research on the impact of dokha tobacco.
The Center supports research to understand the composition of Dokha tobacco, behaviors surrounding its use, and its impact on the environment.

We conduct independent and collaborative research with faculty at NYUAD and beyond.

What is Dokha?

Dokha tobacco derives its name from the “dizzying” sensation experienced by users. Dokha is a blend of tobacco and herbs that is popular in the United Arab Emirates and other GCC countries. Dokha tobacco is smoked in small quantities using a Midwakh pipe. Dokha’s origins are not completely known. While the tobacco is of Arabian origin, it may have been introduced to the region in the 1500s.

There are popular brands of Dokha tobacco and the product is marketed as having “cool”, “warm”, and “hot” types and numerous varieties, including various flavors. There are a number of websites that market Dokha and Midwakh accessories. These websites often market Dokha tobacco as “pure”, “natural” and “organic”.

Dokha Research Working Groups

We have convened three working groups that will focus on developing emerging lines of inquiry to increase the body of knowledge on Dokha tobacco.

  • Social and Behavioral working group’s goal is to understand the social aspects of Dokha use, including social media influences, diffusion of Dokha use internationally, and what people think would be necessary to help them quit.
  • Biological working group focuses on both acute and longer-term physiological impacts of Dokha use. This group will try to understand how Dokha impacts physiological systems and how it compares to other forms of tobacco
  • Chemical working group focuses on further analyses of the product itself. The goal is to understand the physical and chemical properties of this tobacco product and what distinguishes it from other forms of tobacco

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Andrea Leinberger-Jabari

Assistant Director, Tobacco Research

Email: aj100@nyu.edu
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