Work With Us

The Idaghdour Lab at NYU Abu Dhabi is committed to training multidisciplinary researchers who are interested in using genomic approaches and high-throughput datasets to address biological questions of interest. Research in the lab ranges from field-based research to wet lab experiments and computational data analysis. Members of the lab are exposed to multiple facets of research and are encouraged to explore their own research ideas granted that they fall under the general interests of the lab.

Potential Graduate Students can apply to New York University’s Biology PhD program via the Graduate School of Arts and Science online application system. Please see GSAS’s Application Resource Center for more information on the application process, including requirements, deadlines, and other useful tips.

Students admitted to the NYU PhD program in Biology will have the opportunity to apply for a prestigious NYUAD Global PhD Student Fellowship to pursue dissertation research in Abu Dhabi. The Fellowship in Biology provides a highly competitive support package, including:

  • scholarships covering four to five years of tuition and fees
  • generous research assistantship/stipend support in New York and Abu Dhabi
  • campus accommodation at no cost in Abu Dhabi
  • global health insurance
  • student relocation travel