Jishnu Bhattacharya

Postdoctoral Associate Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: PhD Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India

Jishnu Bhattacharya's research focuses on understanding the physics behind the interactions of waves in the Sun with convective flows and magnetic regions, as well as using seismology to generate accurate maps of the solar interior. He uses a combination of numerical simulations and high-resolution data from the NASA satellites Solar Dynamics Observatory and Solar and Heliospheric Observatory in his analysis. Understanding the structure of the Sun is a crucial goal in astronomy as it serves as our blueprint in analyzing the physics of distant stars.

Jishnu obtained his PhD degree from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India in 2018. His thesis dealt with developing a consistent physical description of the interactions between seismic waves and flows in the Sun, and its application in inverse problems to image solar convection. Prior to this, he did his undergraduate studies in Physics at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur, India. During this period he had briefly worked in the field of high-energy astronomy in analyzing the spectra of Gamma-ray bursts, as well as measuring the polarized X-ray detection capabilities of the Indian satellite Astrosat.