Work With Us

PhD Students

Advanced Materials and Building Efficiency Research (AMBER) Lab at New York University Abu Dhabi has openings for PhD students with interests in conducting research in cement-based materials and building energy efficiency to develop sustainable and multi-functional materials. Students must have an MS degree in one of the following areas: materials science and engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, inorganic chemistry or a relevant discipline. The students are going to complete coursework in New York and dissertation research in Abu Dhabi. PhD students get admitted through the Doctorate program of NYU Tandon School of Engineering with full fellowship and a competitive stipend.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate student from NYU New York, NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU Shanghai or from local universities in the UAE are welcome to discuss any potential work in AMBER Lab for their research projects.

Post-graduation Practical Training Program

Find out more about the research opportunities for summer 2020.

Summer Research Assistant - CITIES

Find out more about the research opportunities for summer 2020.

Student Assistantship Program

Find out more about the research opportunities.

Global PhD Student Fellowship in Engineering

In collaboration with the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, find out more about the program.

Post-graduation Fellowship Program

A competitive opportunity for a prestigious one-year fellowship. To find out more, please click.

Visiting Researchers

Visiting researchers with their own fund/scholarship are welcome to discuss any potential collaborations and work in AMBER Lab. Please contact Dr. Kemal Celik ( directly to discuss potential collaboration and if any partial financial support is available.


Volunteers from regional high schools, colleges, and universities are welcome to visit AMBER Lab and join us as full- or part-time volunteers at any time.