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Climate: is desalination dangerous for our oceans?
In arid regions, the main source of drinking water comes from desalination plants. They transform seawater into fresh water. But all the salt released into the environment could weaken ecosystems.
France Télévisions, France 3 | Aug 18, 2020 (available in French)

UAE architects make cement out of salt
A Dubai-based architect duo is looking to break from conventional building practices with an alternative cement conceived in the salt flats of the UAE and made using a problematic waste material.
CNN | June 22, 2020

Greening the building industry
This NYU professor has invented a new type of concrete that uses industrial by-product to trap carbon. His research could make the construction industry more sustainable
Abu Dhabi Find Wonder | June 22, 2020 (available in English and Arabic)

An innovative way to make cement from brine mud
A new study conducted by a team from New York University Abu Dhabi revealed the possibility of manufacturing cement from salty clay resulting from the water desalination process, and that the UAE is in a distinguished position to become a leader in this new and unique field of sustainable construction.
Al Ittihad | July 19, 2019 (available in Arabic)
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Can Our Streets Absorb Greenhouse Gases?
I wrote about driving to work before, wondering if we could cut emissions with sustainable fuels. Now I’m wondering – what about the roads we drive on?
Sea Spray Labs | June 20, 2019

A new breakthrough lowers the footprint of making both concrete and fresh water
Cement is typically manufactured through a carbon-intensive heating process, but a team of researchers in Abu Dhabi think they can make a cleaner version–using what’s left over after desalination. 
Fast Company | April 26, 2019

No one's talking about the water crisis, a threat to the development of human society
Freshwater scarcity is a reality that the world is facing at an unprecedented level and is threatening the sustainable development of human society.
The Gulf News
| June 20, 2018