The Program

The program consists of 10+ events that combine the arts and social sciences. These include four artist events focusing on nurturing interdisciplinary conversations between the exhibition’s artists, faculty, and students at NYU New York and NYUAD.

Film Screening and Discussion: Um Al-Naar

Farah Al Qasimi (b. 1991), Um Al-Naar, 2019, film, 42 min 07 sec (still from film)

Film Screening of Um Al-Naar followed by a discussion between Farah Al Qasimi and Gayatri Gopinath at 19 Washington Square North, New York University.

Social Science Conversations: Theorizing Up


Laure Assaf

Assistant Professor of Arab Crossroads Studies and Anthropology

Rana Al-Mutawa

Assistant Professor Emerging Scholar of Social Research and Public Policy

Nidhi Mahajan

Visiting Fellow at ASC-IIAS

“Theorizing Up” is a series of conversational social science talks about what it means to engage with theory in academic research on the Gulf. Hosted by Haraka Experimental Lab, this series features five ethnographic projects on the UAE covering topics such as labor, impermanence, belonging, authenticity, and mobility. The authors reflect on their process and share ideas that correspond to the themes of the Sharbaka exhibition.

Student Panel: What We (un)Learned

Alaa Edris (b. 1986), School, 2017, video, 4 min 53 sec (still from video)

This student panel responds to the themes of Alaa Edris’s video work School and unpacks questions of power, positionality, and process in educational institutions.

Artist Conversations: Back to the Drawing Board!

Vikram Divecha (b. 1977), Veedu, 2016, video, 40 min 48 sec (still from video)

In Back to the Drawing Board Vikram Divecha engages in conversations with 4 academics about his work-in-progress, Veedu. Departing from a traditional artist talk, these private/public conversations emphasize the importance of process in artistic and academic work.

Artist Talk: Archive, Affect, and Language

Ala Younis (b. 1974), Ajman Independent Studios: Catering, 2021 (photographic archive)

Ala Younis discusses the making of the Ajman Independent Studios images for the Sharbaka Exhibition. 


Performing the Exhibition: Sharbaka Workshop

Participants are invited to perform the exhibition by learning how to make music through a “sharbaka” clapping workshop, embodying ideas of attunement and entanglement. Led by Ghazi Al-Mulaifi, Applied Ethnomusicologist at NYUAD, this workshop is a campus-wide experiment in the corporeal transmission of knowledge.