Awards, Grants, and Patents


Granted Patents

  • Abu Al-Rub, R.K., Al-Ketan, O., “Catalytic converter substrates comprising triply periodic minimal surfaces,” U.S. provisional patent application (No. 62/330,878); filed on May 03, 2016; Publication No. WO 2017/192508 A1; Published November 9, 2017; Granted 2022-03-29

Pending Patents

  • Abu Al-Rub, R.K., Al-Ketan, O., “Spinodal structures with bi-continuous topologies for heat transfer applications,” U.S. provisional patent application (No. 62/939,845); filed on Nov 25, 2019; Publication No. WO 2021/105899A1; Published June 03, 2021.
  • Arafat, H., Abu Al-Rub, R.K., Sreedhar, N., Al-Ketan, O., Thomas, N., “Three-dimensional feed spacers with TPMS architectures for membrane-based systems,” U.S. non-provisional patent application (No. US17/202,062); filed on March 15, 2021. Publication No. US 2021/0229042A1; Published July 29, 2021.