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An innovative way to make cement from brine mud
A new study conducted by a team from New York University Abu Dhabi revealed the possibility of manufacturing cement from salty clay resulting from the water desalination process, and that the UAE is in a distinguished position to become a leader in this new and unique field of sustainable construction.
Al Ittihad | July 19, 2019 (Arabic)
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Can Our Streets Absorb Greenhouse Gases?
I wrote about driving to work before, wondering if we could cut emissions with sustainable fuels. Now I’m wondering – what about the roads we drive on?
Sea Spray Labs | June 20, 2019

A new breakthrough lowers the footprint of making both concrete and fresh water
Cement is typically manufactured through a carbon-intensive heating process, but a team of researchers in Abu Dhabi think they can make a cleaner version–using what’s left over after desalination. 
Fast Company | April 26, 2019

No one's talking about the water crisis, a threat to the development of human society
Freshwater scarcity is a reality that the world is facing at an unprecedented level and is threatening the sustainable development of human society.
The Gulf News
| June 20, 2018