In the News 2021

  • 'Dhabisat' Lifts Off to International Space Station

    Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Al Yah Satellite Company and Northrop Grumman today announced ‘DhabiSat’, the second CubeSat designed and developed by Khalifa University students with support from partners, lifted off to the International Space Station (ISS).

    UAE Barq |
  • Alarm bells from Nanda Devi

    The climate crisis means innovating to adapt to threats and solutions.

    Nepali TImes |
  • UAE final-year pupils tell how pandemic shaped their university plans

    Teenagers said they did not want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on degrees, only to study online.

    The National |
  • Going global from home

    As travel restrictions have “locked” people in or out of countries where they were to pursue international studies, Korean students seeking higher education abroad and facing difficult times are far from alone. 

    Naver |
  • Deadly disease research ‘on ice’ amid COVID-19, experts warn

    While COVID-19 continues to hit the African nation of Guinea, authorities were forced to declare a new Ebola outbreak on February 14 after the death of three people and at least four more confirmed infections.

    Al Arabiya |
  • Hamdan Bin Rashid Award funds 15 studies

    Medical and scientific research studies in eight areas benefitting mankind have been given a further boost with the announcement on Tuesday of the Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences (Award) Dhs2.5 million funding to 15 research projects in the UAE.

    Gulf Today |
  • How the UAE’s millennial space corps captured this stunning picture of Mars

    The Hope probe’s first picture of the Red Planet was successfully beamed back after a group of Emirati scientists — average age 27 — successfully sent it into space.

    Wired |
  • Web of lies: a tool for determining the limits of verification in preventing the spread of false information on networks

    The spread of false information on social networks has garnered substantial scientific and popular attention. 

    Nature |
  • Xposure 2021: To click or not? War photographers' moral dilemma

    Some of the questions posed to the audience at the Xposure 2021 at a seminar titled ‘The Ethics of Capturing the Suffering of Others’.

    Khaleej Times |
  • Music Diversity Festival At NYU Abu Dhabi

    The new and experimental music will showcase visiting artists and accomplished practising artists from NYUAD’s faculty. The event is in partnership with the NYUAD Music Programme.

    Abu Dhabi World |