In the News 2018

  • What it’s like at the ground zero of climate change

    When a glacier breaks up, the images can be breathtaking — and a sobering reminder of the trouble we are in. Reuters photographer Lucas Jackson managed to document one of these moments when he was in Greenland with scientists earlier this year.

    CNN |
  • Distant Whirling-Dervish Stars Spin in Super-Weird Patterns

    "In space, you have continuous data," study lead author Othman Benomar, a stellar scientist at New York University Abu Dhabi, told |
  • Astrophysicists measure precise rotation pattern of sun-like stars for the first time

    Scientists at the NYU Abu Dhabi Center for Space Science used observations from NASA's Kepler mission and asteroseismology—the study of sound waves traveling inside stars—to determine with precision how Sun-like stars rotate, which no other scientific method has been able to achieve. |
  • Harsh climate: The struggle to track global sea level rise

    A loud rumble jolted climate scientist David Holland just before he went to sleep inside his bear-resistant dome. The thundering sound grew louder as he watched a chunk of ice about a third the size of Manhattan break away from the Helheim glacier.

    Reuters |
  • In Greenland, a glacier's collapse shows climate impact - Video

    Perched on a cliff above Greenland’s Helheim glacier, I tried calling my wife in New York on a satellite phone. Before I could leave a message, an explosion broke the arctic silence.

    Reuters |
  • Why Women Stay Out of the Spotlight at Work

    Women in our study recognized that being less visible in the office could hurt their odds of promotion. But they worried that violating feminine norms could leave them even worse off.

    Bob Morris |
  • Four applicants qualify for PitchPalace 'Boot Camp' phase

    The Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, KFED, successfully held the first On-Tour event of the Pitch@Palace competition at StartAD in New York University Abu Dhabi.

    Emirates News Agency |
  • UAE buildings still at risk from earthquakes, warns scientist

    NYU Abu Dhabi professor leads research into the dangers of soil ‘liquefaction’

    The National |
  • Soundtrack to my life

    5 songs that influenced NYU Abu Dhabi Arts Centre artistic director Bill Bragin.

    The National |
  • EWS-WWF announces rebrand

    Emirates Wildlife Society in association with the World Wide Fund for Nature, EWS-WWF, yesterday announced its rebrand to Emirates Nature-WWF, and its refreshed 2020 Strategy.

    Good NonProfit |