NYU Receives Luce Foundation Grant to Establish “Port Cities Environments in Global Asia” Project

NYU has three global campuses in port cities

Press Release

New York University has received a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation for a three-year project entitled “Port Cities Environments in Global Asia,” which is a collaborative research and education initiative involving NYU faculty in New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai.

“Asian Studies is no longer defined only by regionally specific research,” says David Ludden, chair and professor in NYU’s Department of History, who directs the New York Center for Global Asia, which will house the project. “Asia is an expansive space of connectivity formed by interactions of mobility and territoriality, embracing lands and peoples all around the Silk Roads and Indian Ocean, from ancient times, and weaving all continents together in today’s globalized world.”

“The Port City Environments project will help us to build a transnational scholarly network for Asian Studies, which only NYU could manage with our campuses in three Global Asia port cities, which bring people together in Asia and New York,” adds Ludden, who will direct the project, along with Tansen Sen and Mark Swislocki, who lead the NYU Global Asia faculty in Shanghai and Abu Dhabi, respectively.

The Port Cities project has begun with discussions about the formation of collaborative clusters including faculty and graduate students on all three NYU campuses, focusing initially on five themes with contemporary and historic significance:

  •  “Imperial Connections,” including trade networks, from ancient times to the present;
  •  “Local Environments,” including ecologies, material culture, and aesthetics;
  •  “Routes of Mobility,” over land and water, and transport and communication technology;
  • “Mobile Cultural Forms,” such as politics, religion, art, science, and medicine; and
  •  “Temporality,” from ancient times, with long-term transformations and comparisons

The goal of NYU’s Port City Environments project is to build sustained collaboration among scholars on all three campuses, across many fields, to enrich faculty research, teaching, and graduate training, and, as a result, to improve knowledge production about Asia. The organizers aim to increase collaborative connectivity among faculty involved in Global Asia research and teaching at all three sites, with the goal of establishing “Global Asia” as dynamic field embedded in the curriculum and research agenda of NYU’s network of global campuses.

With support from the Luce Foundation—a three-year, $450,000 grant—and from the NYU administration on all three campuses, the project will host conferences on three campuses as well as symposia, distinguished lecturer visits, seminars, and workshops. It also seeks to bolster the Global Asia curriculum on all three campuses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

For more about the Center for Global Asia and the Port Cities Environments in Global Asia project, please visit https://wp.nyu.edu/cga/.

About NYU Abu Dhabi

NYU Abu Dhabi is the first comprehensive liberal arts and research campus in the Middle East to be operated abroad by a major American research university. NYU Abu Dhabi has integrated a highly selective undergraduate curriculum across the disciplines with a world center for advanced research and scholarship. The university enables its students in the sciences, engineering, social sciences, humanities, and arts to succeed in an increasingly interdependent world and advance cooperation and progress on humanity’s shared challenges. NYU Abu Dhabi’s high-achieving students have come from over 115 countries and speak over 115 languages. Together, NYU's campuses in New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai form the backbone of a unique global university, giving faculty and students opportunities to experience varied learning environments and immersion in other cultures at one or more of the numerous study-abroad sites NYU maintains on six continents.