NYU Abu Dhabi Senior Granted Yenching Academy of Peking University Scholarship

Abdulla Saeed AlHemeiri is the first Emirati to receive the honor and the ninth NYUAD recipient

Press Release

NYUAD Class of 2024 Abdulla Saeed AlHemeiri is the first Emirati to receive a scholarship to Yenching Academy of Peking University. AlHemeiri will pursue the university’s master’s program in China Studies with a research area in the country’s politics and international relations, commencing in September this year, and marking him as the ninth Yenching scholar from NYUAD.

The Youth of Excellence Scheme is an initiative managed by China’s Ministry of Education. The fully funded scholarship is granted to international students who intend to continue their studies in China. Academic achievement, leadership potential, international experience, and long-term goals are all considered while evaluating candidates.

AlHemeiri has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Social Research & Public Policy, and Political Science at NYUAD. He is actively involved in international and foreign affairs institutions of the UAE, such as serving as an analyst at the UAE Embassy in Beijing and UAE Consulate in New York. He is currently conducting research on China’s energy diplomacy in the Arabian Gulf. In addition, AlHemeiri is also a current Planning Board Member at the China-Gulf Forum, NYUAD’s student-led forum that tackles the intricacies of the relations between the two regions.

Both the UAE and China have seen rapid economic growth in a short period, revealing profound similarities in work ethic and visions. While working at the UAE Embassy in Beijing, I witnessed firsthand the immense potential for bilateral collaboration, and I have become increasingly convinced of the possibilities for joint ventures such as energy projects and transportation systems in the Gulf region. Cultivating stronger ties between the two countries has been the cornerstone of my academic journey thus far, and the curriculum at Yenching Academy, coupled with hands-on experiences, will be crucial in broadening my understanding of China’s growth and its approach towards international cooperation.

Class of 2024 Abdulla Saeed AlHemeiri

In addition to core compulsory courses across a range of topics, the Yenching Academy also organizes field studies to gain a great understanding of China’s culture, economy, and sociopolitical environment. Founded on the objective of encouraging global connections and discourse, the Academy is a fully financed residential program that offers a diverse range of multidisciplinary courses on China across broadly defined subjects of the humanities and social sciences. NYUAD is one of 69 partner universities in the world, and the only one in the Middle East.

The scholarship brings together young people who have the potential to lead and develop in their areas in an intensive learning environment where they may study China and its position in the world, encompassing the past, present, and future. The Academy hopes to develop a new generation of global citizens who have a comprehensive view of China and its place in the world.

Aside from his academic achievements, AlHemeiri is a Jiu Jitsu fighter with multiple international medals from the United States and France. He has also authored a soon-to-be-published Arabic book titled The Lost Desert Kingdom.

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