Sadeq Alkhoori

My internship experiences in Abu Dhabi and Los Angeles guided me toward my Capstone, acting as a gateway to the film industry.

“My journey at NYUAD has been nothing but transformative. The diverse and interdisciplinary approach has been instrumental in shaping my worldview and fueling my creative endeavors. Through enriching courses offered by the core curriculum, I was equipped with academic knowledge and instilled with a profound curiosity to explore the world from unconventional angles.

The vibrant mosaic of students from diverse backgrounds provided an invaluable opportunity to immerse myself in a global community. Interacting with minds as varied as the world itself has been a motive for my growth.

Today, I am pursuing an MFA in filmmaking as a Fulbright Scholar. It is a stepping stone because this program aligns seamlessly with my transformative experiences at NYUAD. In the intricate world of filmmaking, every frame is a canvas, and every narrative choice is a brushstroke. This MFA is more than a degree; it's an immersive journey that extends beyond technical proficiency.


Current: MFA in filmmaking as a Fulbright Scholar at Maryland Institute College of Art
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Major: Film and New Media
Minor: Interactive Media

Before I came to NYUAD, my primary interest was in Civil Engineering, driven by a fascination with applying creative solutions to real-life challenges. However, upon entering NYUAD and immersing myself in diverse courses, particularly those rooted in the arts, my interests took an unexpected but profound turn. A J-Term with a regional trip to Florence reshaped my understanding and highlighted the significance of the arts in our world.

This revelation became a guiding light, inspiring me to intertwine my engineering background with the expressive power of the arts, envisioning a future where creative solutions and artistic endeavors collaborate to address the complex challenges of our world. The unexpected turns at NYUAD broadened my academic horizons. They motivated a passion for interdisciplinary exploration, emphasizing that our journey is not just about choosing a path but forging one that harmonizes our diverse interests into a symphony of personal and societal growth.

My internship experiences in Abu Dhabi and Los Angeles guided me toward my Capstone, acting as a gateway to the film industry. I seamlessly apply insights from classes to projects, utilizing real-life internship challenges for comprehensive problem-solving. For instance, I learned the essence of adaptability and creative exploration when delving into new topics and themes for my projects in my MFA program. Additionally, collaborative research projects with professors across NYUAD departments enhanced my ability to address and solve challenges effectively.

Currently, I enjoy the continuous acquisition of new knowledge in both practical and theoretical aspects of filmmaking. These constant learnings fuel my curiosity, a trait I carried from NYUAD, propelling me to explore and experiment with innovation.

I hope to consistently innovate in both the industry and academic realms, crafting narratives that resonate deeply with the world. My long-term goal is to convey compelling and impactful stories that evoke emotions, provoke thoughts, and contribute to a meaningful dialogue within our global community.”