Gonzalo de la Cruz

I've found that consulting work, much like the Core courses, often involves interdisciplinary thinking.

“I wish I could say that I was inspired by a specific course or that I had a clear career path in mind before university. The reality is that I am still learning about myself and what I truly enjoy doing. As a very indecisive person with diverse passions, NYU Abu Dhabi’s liberal arts education has given me the space to discover the field, or intersection of fields, that I enjoy and excel at. Over the past four years, I've realized that I'm not just a computer scientist or mathematician; I also have interests in economics, development, politics, and Middle Eastern studies, which have all been instrumental in helping me secure a job that suits me best.

Since my freshman year, my career goals have significantly evolved. As a result, the internships and research experiences I've pursued have varied from government consulting to a research project for the Emirates Mars Mission. Looking back, I believe all my professional experiences have contributed to securing my current position at BCG. Business-oriented internships honed my interpersonal communication and creative-thinking skills, whereas programming research experiences improved my technical abilities.

Home Region: Madrid, Spain
Current: Analyst at Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
Location: Madrid, Spain
Major: Computer Science and Mathematics

I have been with BCG for the past five months. It's a competitive setting with challenging programming-intensive work. However, NYUAD has equipped me with practical skills required for the job. Specifically, the Core Curriculum has prepared me to handle projects across various fields. For instance, in my sophomore year, I prepared a presentation for the "Life in the Universe" course, where I had to analyze a science-fiction book from both a literary and scientific perspective. I've found that consulting work, much like the Core courses, often involves interdisciplinary thinking. Currently, I'm programming a tool for a client that incorporates both chemistry concepts and financial implications.

Looking ahead, I envision myself continuing to contribute significantly to the Energy sector. My primary goal is to help companies in their transition towards a greener future by reducing their carbon footprint. To achieve this, I am considering further expanding my knowledge and skills by pursuing advanced studies in International Development or International Management. These programs are tailored to provide a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the global sector. In addition to this, I am also contemplating a double degree program with an MBA. This would equip me with a robust set of business management skills, positioning me to make a greater impact in my future endeavors.”