Shinyi (Amy) Kang

My passion for education and instructional game design, was sparked during my introduction to the Interactive Media (IM) program and the MakerSpace at NYU Abu Dhabi.

“My passion for education, particularly 21st-century education and instructional game design, was sparked during my introduction to the Interactive Media (IM) program and the MakerSpace at NYU Abu Dhabi. In J-Term of 2020, I enrolled in the course “Resourcefulness: Ethiopia,” which included a trip to an under-resourced Ethiopian school seeking educational solutions. There, I helped create technology-enhanced learning resources, experiencing firsthand the roles of both designer and learner dedicated to creative impact. These moments ignited my drive to design and provide enjoyable learning experiences, leveraging technology to empower learners beyond traditional methods and help them thrive in the 21st century.

When I first arrived at NYU Abu Dhabi, I planned to major in biology. However, the liberal arts curriculum at NYUAD encouraged me to explore new fields and delve into untapped interests. This exploration shifted my academic trajectory from biology to Interactive Media and Business, with a specific interest in learning design/education. Despite this shift, the guiding hand in my journey has been a commitment to enhancing people’s, especially children’s, well-being and quality of life, an aim that initially drew me to biology.

Home Region: Seoul, South Korea
Current: EdM Candidate at Harvard Graduate School of Education
Location: Cambridge, MA, USA
Major: Interactive Media and Business, Organizations and Society

As the leader of the Blockchain Collective at NYU Abu Dhabi, I delved into emergent technologies and often faced the challenge of demystifying blockchain for diverse audiences. This role highlighted the urgency for an educational paradigm shift to align with the demands of the 21st century and ongoing technological advancements. My involvement with Hallpass Studios (an NYU-based educational game collective), where I contributed to developing “Citation,” a web game centered around academic integrity, further solidified my commitment to educational innovation.

My main motivation for pursuing graduate studies was to deepen my knowledge in education and research, which I intended to leverage for designing effective learning games and experiences. I was also eager to explore different facets of education while being part of a community of educators and designers. Harvard GSE’s Learning Design, Innovation, and Technology (LDIT) program was the perfect match, with its reputation as a leading institution in education, a plethora of projects and research initiatives, a diverse student body, and opportunities for collaboration across Harvard’s various schools.

At Harvard GSE, I am learning to approach educational innovation from multiple angles. LDIT’s flexible curriculum has allowed me to expand my focus beyond app and game design to include policy and systemic considerations, providing a comprehensive understanding and new exciting pathways. This exploration has kindled an interest in pursuing a PhD in learning design or potentially in education policy.

I hope to become a scholar and designer/policy practitioner focused on promoting educational innovation and the well-being of children. I’m still exploring different fields within education, and I’m enthusiastic about the possibilities that lie ahead.”