Bringing New Energy to the Green Economy

Environmental economist Humaid Kanji is making an impact as the Head of Environmental Economics at the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD).

With one of the world’s preeminent climate change conferences — Conference of the Parties (COP28) — coming to the UAE at the end of 2023, he has set out to be “part of the solution” for a climate neutral UAE by 2050.

“Clean energy is going to be the future,” says Kanji, Class of 2022. “Abu Dhabi and the UAE have a competitive advantage. We can lead in areas of clean development.”

Education: Master of Economics, NYU Abu Dhabi; Master of Finance, Zayed University; Bachelor of Business, University of Dubai
Home Country: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Current: Head of Environmental Economics, Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi

In his role at EAD, Kanji contributes to significant “policies, strategies, and projects to help the country become carbon neutral by 2050,” he explains. “It’s very exciting.”

Climate change, air pollution and sustainable development are areas of particular interest. To address these issues, Kanji works closely with scientists, policy specialists, industry experts, international institutes, and think tanks.

Clean energy is going to be the future. Abu Dhabi and the UAE have a competitive advantage. We can lead in areas of clean development.

Humaid Kanji, MSc in Economics, 2022

This multidisciplinary approach to problem solving is reminiscent of his time in the master’s program at NYU Abu Dhabi where each of his fellow young economists in the class came with unique skills and perspectives.

“I really enjoyed being among people with such diverse backgrounds. Different countries, different interests, and passions about what they wanted to do” ranging from capital markets to energy economics, and of course his own personal motivator — sustainable development.

This is why NYU Abu Dhabi “was beyond my expectation,” he says, while also equipping him with many valuable practical skills. He gained expertise in data analysis, econometric modeling, as well as proficiency in coding languages. These abilities have proven to be indispensable in his professional life.

“I think about NYUAD a lot. Definitely worth it.”