J-Term Stories and Photos From Around the World

A collection of photos and short stories that prove how January Term is an unparalleled learning experience for NYU Abu Dhabi students.

What made the class was the instructor's ability to engage us in debates and discussion, having us relate concepts to events in our own countries, and this made it an incredibly valuable learning experience, which was also quite a bit of fun!

Christian Duborg, Class of 2020, took a political science course in Abu Dhabi

Learning from locals

Name: Sneha Gyawali, Class of 2019
Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal
Major: Psychology
Course: An Interdisciplinary Introduction to African Urban Studies
Location: Accra, Ghana

I’ve always been interested in African literature and urban history, so this course seemed like the perfect choice. I was also excited to learn from a native professor and to experience living in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in West Africa, a part of the world I had never set foot on before.

Sneha Gyawali, Class of 2019.

Curious about coastlines

Name: Imtiyaz Hariyani, Class of 2019
Hometown: Pune, India
Major: Biology
Course: Coastal Urbanization and Environmental Change
Location: Sydney, Australia

Having lived in three coastal cities in the last couple of years, I was curious about the environmental and ecological implications of human activity on coastlines. With the help of this course, I was able to explore an area of interest and observe ecosystems in action. Guided tours of the city further allowed me to put my personal exploration of Sydney into context. Also a cricket enthusiast, I can now testify that there is nothing like watching a game of cricket at the SCG!

Imtiyaz Hariyani, Class of 2019, in Australia.

Politics, up close

Name: Hala Aqel, Class of 2019
Hometown: Wayne, New Jersey, USA
Major: Biology
Course: Political Conflict and Economic Development
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

I had never before taken a course in either of these fields (political science or economics). Argentina's rich, and at times tumultuous, history made it the ideal location to study the two disciplines in conjunction to better understand the implications of political-economic dynamics within a given context.

Hala Aqel, Class of 2019, in Argentina.