Food in the Global Kitchen

The shop front of Al Aqssa, an Arabic food store.

I had heard that January Term would be a break from the regular semesters, so I was looking forward to a chance to relax and enjoy some free time. But in reality, my J-Term 2015 course Food in the Global Kitchen, was the most intense three weeks of my university career to date.  

My classmates and I were pushed to read about food, write about food, and explore the diverse city of Abu Dhabi in search of food; and every second of it was thrilling!

From the falafel wars to George Orwell's restaurant experiences, there was no lack of stimulating foodie conversation. My favorite part, I must admit, were the expeditions into little known Abu Dhabi restaurants organized by our amazing professor Annia Ciezaldo — author of Day of Honey: A Memoir of Food, Love, and War. The mission to find the next best dish was a great way to bond as a class and to explore the exciting world of food in Abu Dhabi.