Net Zero Now Week

Net Zero Now Week at NYUAD was a highly anticipated week-long series of activities focusing on climate action, which showcased the University’s commitment to environmental stewardship, and brought together students, faculty, staff, and the wider community. From insightful panels to interactive workshops, research engagement sessions, and community  outreach opportunities, this event provided the community with all the necessary tools to fight against climate change, promote sustainability, and achieve a net-zero carbon footprint.

Throughout the week, numerous achievements were celebrated, reflecting the University’s progress towards sustainability goals. These included:

  • The launch of NYUAD’s Commitment to a Livable Planet website
  • The institution’s commitment to climate action
  • Newly developed operational initiatives such as the Green Workplace certification and the Green Events guide
  • Partnerships with stakeholders around campus to promote sustainability through proactive processes such as the Sustainability Stewards program designed for NYUAD’s Administration and Business departments.

The event catered to various interests and engaged different segments of the community, both internally and externally. The week featured an NYUAD expert-led panel discussion on research toward net-zero emissions co-organized with COP28, hands-on workshops, performing arts pieces, campus sustainability tours, The Great Nurdle Hunt, and an Indoor Triathlon. This diverse range of events encouraged participation from individuals with varying levels of knowledge and interests, fostering a sense of inclusivity and empowerment. The initiative inspired the NYUAD community and sought to inspire broader societal change towards a more sustainable future.