Green House Case Competition

Competitions offer a unique learning experience for students working in sustainability.

From sustainable aviation to urban energy usage management, from recycling to the energy transition, every industry is trying to provide a sustainable solution for a greener future and NYU Abu Dhabi students are no different. 

During NYU Abu Dhabi’s Youth Climate Think Tank case competition, I have learned some of the most pressing environmental issues and provided our analysis through real-world sustainability challenges from entities such as IRENA, Etihad, and Guidehouse. At the Green House SIG first-ever case competition, many NYUAD students explored several of the sustainability challenges from various industries: Etihad presented its launch of sustainable flights, IRENA introduced its sustainable and equitable energy transition, and Guidehouse illustrated Abu Dhabi’s Demand Side Management (DSM) and Energy Rationalization Strategy. 

The event started with a brief introduction about Green House and a consulting workshop by NYUAD alumnus Alex Miliutkin, Class of 2021, an ESG Consultant from Bain & Company.  

Representatives from IRENA and Guidehouse presented problems and interpreted guidelines for the case study. After a networking lunch, participants started to brainstorm in preparation for the final presentation. Professional consultants from GuideHouse as well as event organizers provided support throughout the preparation.  Eventually, after a day’s preparation, the top team from three cases stood out and won the competition. The event concluded with final remarks from Guidehouse and the Green House.

Throughout the competition, a series of workshops and mentoring activities boosted participants' experience with sustainability consulting. When I asked interviewing my peers  about their experience with the case competition, many of them shared that they found the feedback of the professional consultants to be invaluable and the event itself created good exposure to consulting. 

Ahmed Farrukh, Class of 2025, said that “as someone who was largely unaware of consulting practices and ESG goals, the case competition presented a tremendous learning opportunity; interactions with industry experts encouraged us to use professional ways of thinking and presentation.”

The case competition also showcased how sustainability is increasingly recognized in the corporate world. As Erica Wu, President of Green House and Class of 2023, mentioned, “[The case competition was special because] it showed intergenerational support, how this event demonstrates how sustainability is involved and connected in different fields.” 

It is worth noting that the NYU Office of Sustainability also supported the event. As the Office of Sustainability commented, “NYU is building a healthier and more sustainable future. Through strategies that span every area of university life, we aim to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, support teaching and research, and provide resources and guidance in establishing a culture of sustainability at NYU.”