Class of 2025: Shirley Xiang

Meet some first-year students who joined us as part of the NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2025.

As NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2025 begin a new chapter in their academic career, they shared their excitement with us. 

Shirley Xiang was born and raised in Chengdu, China and tells us why she decided to join NYUAD.  

So what made you decide to join NYUAD?

Living in Chengdu for the past 18 years, I rarely have interactions with people from different cultural backgrounds. As I headed into university, I made a really conscious effort to find a college that will not only provide me with a good education, but a community that is diverse and open to dialogues. 

Any tips for anyone who is starting to look at university options?

While researching for a university, I would start by asking myself if that particular college would be a good match for me in terms of their vision and school culture first before looking into the curriculum. While the academic programs are important, you may end up being disappointed if the university does not live up to your expectations in terms of the day to day student life.  

When did you start your application process?

It took over a year to prepare all the necessary documents and personal essays. I’m grateful to have had a mentor who helped me through my application process. It pays to be well prepared by giving myself time to write and rewrite some of the paperwork. 

How did your Candidate Weekend go?

I was able to speak to some of the professors and ask them questions relating to course work. I found it helpful to be able to sample some virtual classes held by professors as it gave me an idea of what actual classes would be like. 

Any thoughts on what you might major in?

I was really keen on majoring in economics until very recently - I am beginning to be drawn towards computer science. 

What are you most looking forward to on campus?

I am really looking forward to meeting new friends and sharing dreams and expectations for the next four years.