10 Alumni, 10 Countries, 10 Questions

From favorite foods to fondest memories, 10 NYU Abu Dhabi alumni from 10 countries respond to questions that the NYUAD community asked them.

What's the Best Class You Have Ever Taken?

Dinah Saleh from NYUAD Class of 2018 really enjoyed her Fundamentals of Acting class with Arts Professor Catherine Coray

The class made me more independent, confident, and self-aware. 

Dina Saleh, NYUAD Class of 2018

What's Your Favorite Memory From NYUAD?

Waseem Chaudry from NYUAD Class of 2020 really loved being able to take a break from his endless assignments by jumping into a taxi in the early hours of the morning with classmates to get a burger.

What's Your Favorite Place to Eat in Abu Dhabi?

Jocilyn Estes from NYUAD Class of 2019 still dreams of the stir-fried garlic eggplant dish from Dragon Pao Pao, a hole in the wall Chinese eatery. 

How Did You Hear About NYUAD and What Was Your Impression?

Despite missing a plane transfer which resulted in delayed luggage and no change of clothes, to having an allergic reaction on the plane ride home, Valentina Vela from NYUAD Class of 2015 cannot wait to come back to campus. 

How Do You Stay Connected to the NYUAD Community?

Be willing to reach back out to people out of the blue

Chris Wheeler from NYUAD Class of 2019

What's Your Favorite Memory From NYUAD?

Vivek Mukherjee from NYUAD Class of 2014 recalled dancing in the rain with almost his entire class during his first year.

What's the One Thing You'd Like to Experience Again From NYUAD?

Vongai Mlambo from NYUAD Class of 2020 would love to go camping in the desert as part of the class The Desert again. It was a cathartic experience for her to learn about the history of the UAE under the starlit skies.

What's Something You Wished You Had Done While in NYUAD?

Sarah AlKaabi from NYUAD Class of 2020 wished she had participated in the RealAD show to expand her skillsets in performing arts, and importantly, become an advocate for mental health. 

What's The One Experience You Had at NYUAD That Was Different From Everything Else?

Gulnoza Mansur from NYUAD Class of 2017 never limits herself to any geographic boundaries when it comes employment opportunities, education, or travels. 

NYUAD has taught me never to confine myself within any boundaries. 

Gulnoza Mansur, NYUAD Class of 2017

How Has NYUAD Changed You?

Shintaro Hashimoto from NYUAD Class of 2016 became more open-mindedness to different cultures and opportunities across different cultures and nations — something he's taken onboard with his work.