This is the Class of 2019

You did it!

You are the Class of 2019, NYU Abu Dhabi’s sixth graduating class. 270 students from more than 75 countries. Most of you speak more than two languages.

You were selected from over 10,000 applicants four years ago, and since then you have won prestigious awards and scholarships and gained experience at major global organizations. Your story, however, is much more meaningful than the statistics will ever show, and has only just begun.

You exemplify extraordinary character that can’t be summarized in an infographic.

You are innovative, imaginative, bold, and inspirational. Today, we celebrate all of your qualities that can’t be taught, endeavors that don’t make headlines, and achievements — both personal and academic — that aren’t always recognized with awards. You are remarkable because of your immeasurable compassion and courage, steadfast desire to be ethical in a fast-changing world, and willingness to engage in solving problems bigger than yourself.

Collectively, your class is unlike any other, one that sees things differently because you’ve found a way to navigate through unique backgrounds toward a common purpose. You have experienced and contributed to a truly global education that values both intercultural understanding and individuality. You, the Class of 2019, symbolize hope for a more informed, productive, just, and cooperative world.

We are proud to count you among the global family of alumni of both NYU and NYU Abu Dhabi. Congratulations!