Major Choices

A view of on of the highline bridges at the New York University Abu Dhabi campus on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi.

How choosing a major (or two) is anything but traditional

One of the perks of a liberal arts education at NYU Abu Dhabi is students’ freedom to construct their own education. We are encouraged to explore non-traditional course paths and combine unrelated majors and minors like computer science with theater, or physics and philosophy.

We get the unique opportunity to find unexpected intersections across disciplines and that's what makes undergraduate experiences at NYUAD as diverse as its student body, and allows us to be creative and show leadership in our own personal choices.

Kirk Mariano, Class of 2019

Kirk James Edward Mariano
Class of 2019
Major: political science
Minor: legal studies, film

I believe that my double minor in legal studies and film truly embodies the essence of a liberal arts education. The disparity between these two fields of study allows me to explore the breadth of subjects that NYUAD offers and does not tie me down to just one. It is because of my varied education that I had an advantage in certain activities and opportunities.

For example, it is my love for both political science and film that allowed me to get an internship. For me, the ability to construct my own education is beneficial.

Shahinaz Geneid, Class of 2020

Shahinaz Geneid
Class of 2020
Major: sociology, art history
Minor: Arabic

Majoring across disciplines allowed me to see things in my classes differently and forge a unique path for myself in terms of what research and coursework I'm getting to do now. I don't feel that the major options are limited at all at NYUAD, but I definitely feel that it has given me a lot of benefits, as I'm encouraged to think creatively and be hyper-organized. I also have the added skill of knowing multiple languages. For me, it's all about learning as much as possible about the fields I'm interested in and learning to make connections between seemingly uncommon things.

Sharon Qiu, Class of 2020

Sharon Qiu
Class of 2018
Major: biology
Minor: literature, French

My double minor enables me to take full advantage of the liberal arts education we have at NYUAD. Since we have the opportunity to take classes across disciplines, completing minors across these divisions has enabled me to intentionally and actively shape my educational journey. Through my minors, I have been able to pursue my other academic interests alongside my biology major, and to shape my education according to these interests. Rather than having to decide and choose between my interests, I’ve been able to pursue several of them to various degrees. Pursuing these minors alongside my major has nurtured to never stop learning.