Twins Share Their NYUAD Experience

Twins Meghan and Tanya showing their NYUAD pride

University life can be tough to figure out when everything and everyone around you is unfamiliar. Would having a sibling nearby to share the experience make it better or worse? Siblings can be a great source of support during tough times, but the search for independence, class performance, and new social settings can sometimes be catalysts for sibling rivalry.

We caught up with three sets of twins who decided to pursue degrees together at NYU Abu Dhabi (there are several more twins and siblings attending NYUAD together, believe it or not) and who all recommend attending university with a sibling, especially when moving to a new country.

Tanya & Megha Bansal

Where are you from?
New Delhi, India

What are you each studying?
We are both studying economics, specializing in finance.

Did you consider going to different universities?
We decided that college life was an experience we wanted to share together and even if we had different destinations career-wise, we both wanted to be part of each other’s journey through university. We applied to the same schools for the most part.

Would you recommend going to university with a sibling?
Megha: College is a chance to rediscover and reinvent yourself. As fun and exciting these four years are, there can be times of loneliness, self-doubt or feeling intimated and overwhelmed. In such moments, one can turn to family or friends for support but having a twin can be a huge help.

Tanya: Definitely. College is such a incredible experience and there is nothing better than sharing it with a sibling, the person who knows you probably better than you know yourself and always has your back. That said, it's also equally important to have your own identity and be seen and heard as uniquely as you. College is about growing up and becoming independent.

Twinns Meghan and Tanya

She is the sensible voice in my head and I always turn to her for advice.

Tanya Bansal, Class of 2017

Jeffrey & Judy Mei

Where are you from?
We were born in Taiwan three minutes apart and grew up in Auckland, New Zealand.

What do you argue about?
We had an argument once about how to deal with intersecting friend circles. We went to different high schools so we weren't used to it. But after a few rough patches in our freshman year, everything smoothed out.​

When do you need your twin most?
If anything serious happens, both of us will drop everything to help the other person. We're the first line of support for each other, and there have been instances where we’ve traversed countries just to be there for the other person during tough times.

Twins Judy and Jeffrey together in a swing

Would you recommend going to university with a sibling?
Jeffrey: I definitely would. I don't think Judy and I would be as close as we are now if we hadn't shared a bunch of life experiences together at NYUAD.

Judy: I think for an international university like NYUAD, I definitely loved having my twin there with me! These incredible life experiences are always better when shared, and we’ll always have this common point in life where we’ve known the same people and traveled to the same countries.

Issa & Amer Nasr

Where are you from?
Brazil, but our parents are originally Lebanese.

What are you each studying?
We're both double majoring in economics and political science.

Do you see each other a lot?
Very often. We try to have at least one meal a day together when we're on campus at the same time in Abu Dhabi.

What do you argue about?
What classes to take.

Describe a time when you turn to your twin for advice/support.
We usually turn to each other when we need advice about our major(s), classes, professors, and what professional track to pursue.

Amer and Issa together in a picture

You'll each have your own room, classes and group of friends but it's nice seeing a familiar face around, wherever you go.

Issa and Amer Nasr, twins attending NYUAD

Would you recommend going to university with a sibling?
Yes! It's amazing. It's like home away from home. You won't be forced to interact with each other all the time, since you'll each have your own room, classes and group of friends but it's nice seeing a familiar face around, wherever you go. Plus, it's especially better at NYUAD because whenever you feel like you're getting sick of your twin, you can just study abroad in different locations. It's also very important to give yourself your own space and branch off from your twin so you can each build your own identity, friendships, and careers.